USKUNALAR.UZ trading company delivers cargo under the condition "CIP City of Uzbekistan" according to the "Interpretation of International Trade Concepts - 2010" (INKOTERMS 2010).


The cost of importing goods from China to Uzbekistan includes:
a) Price of goods (products) on the condition of EXW or FCA (INCOTERMS 2010).
b) a trading company exporting goods from China to Uzbekistan (from 2% to 12% of the value of item (a)).
(c) 0.6% of the value of the item (a) on the road insurance.
g) bank charges (Chinese banks commission).
d) transportation costs.
e) factory inspection of goods (at customer's request).
Necessary! A trading company that exports goods from China to Uzbekistan uses a regressive scale in calculating its commission: the higher the value of your order, the lower the commission price.


How much does it cost to bring cargo from China to Uzbekistan?
The cost of delivery is determined by the shipping company (agent) that delivers your goods, and it depends on at least three factors:
a) Address from China
b) Address of arrival in Uzbekistan
c) the physical dimensions of your load (overall size, weight, volume).
The first two addresses, we think, are not in question. By simple arithmetic, the greater the distance between two addresses, the more expensive it is to deliver the load.
The Importance of Knowing Exact Physical Dimensions You will need to determine which container to place your luggage in.
When multiple customer orders are consolidated (combined), you only pay for the portion of your cargo that you occupy in the container.
Remember that when carrying a brittle load, nothing is loaded on the "second floor", taking into account the possibility of breakage on the road.


But the price of the container is its size, which means that you have to pay for the air on top of your luggage.
The cost of transport agents depends on the current market situation. You can find out the current quote price from the specialists of USKUNALAR.UZ trading company.

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USKUNALAR.UZ team saves you time and money by supplying production equipment, spare parts and raw materials from world-renowned companies made in China. 
This system has been created in order to keep you in touch with us and improve the quality of service to you, and we offer it to serve you. We believe that the business you start with us will definitely succeed. Because luck certainly makes the strong laugh. 

Now from this application you can be informed about all the equipment available on the site, you can easily contact us online through this application;
With the call button, you can get the advice you need from 24-hour service staff.

You can order the equipment you want, and many other conveniences are waiting for you.

We are glad that you enjoyed our service!
Sincerely !!!


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Someone came to Microsoft to work as a cleaner. In the HR department, he passed several tests, interviews and was told:
- Congratulations, we are hiring you. Leave us your e-mail and we will inform you about the work schedule.
"I'm sorry, I don't have a computer," said the man. "I don't have an e-mail."
"Unfortunately, we can't hire you then." We communicate with all Microsoft employees via e-mail, and much of our work is computer-related. That’s why we can’t hire you.
The poor man went out and started thinking about how to make money on the computer. He has only $ 30 in his pocket. He saw a farmer in the distance selling apples he had picked from his orchard. He bought 10 kilos of apples and went to one of the busy streets to sell apples. In two hours his money doubled, and in six hours it increased tenfold. He realized that he could live without working for Microsoft.
After a while, the man bought a car, first a small shop and then a shop. Five years later, he started a supermarket chain. He then tried to insure his business, and the insurance agent asked him to leave an email. The businessman said that he did not have an e-mail or a computer, as he did a few years ago.
- Great! Said the insurance agent. "You have a business without a computer!" Who would you be if you had a computer ?!
The businessman replied with a smile:
"Then I would be a cleaner at Microsoft."


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Dear Entrepreneurs, Ladies and Gentlemen, Observers of USKUNALAR.UZ website, the purpose of providing this information is to inspect the equipment we offer and the equipment or raw materials needed for production in many cities of the Chinese state. This, of course, will help USKUNALAR.UZ to increase the confidence of our customers in us in the future.


We try to spend most of our time in China. China is the largest region in the world in terms of market and data. The study of being in factories in these areas is based on a lot of hard work and investment. Our entrepreneurs need to understand this. Our team has many years of experience and experience of various events. It is natural that misunderstandings arise between the two countries over various treaty issues. Who can guarantee that such a situation will never happen to a start-up entrepreneur? Naturally, use the support of our company USKUNALAR.UZ wisely and effectively, our efforts, labor and knowledge will serve you. Protect your dreams and your investment from risk.


If you have the idea that I can go to China with money in my pocket and solve all the problems with money, you are mistaken! It is clear that the issues of finding the equipment you need, determining its quality, delivery of the goods to the destination, preparation of documents from which city you go to China will bother you. Again if the load arrives exactly as you expected without any flaws. Don’t take the risk that buying something from the Chinese market can make your curiosity very expensive. Our goal is to protect and help you. This does not mean that you can work with us, you can use any company and services, but we believe that it is right that everyone does what they understand.


It is not in vain that we bring this information to your attention. USKUNALAR.UZ Review our inter-city research in China and draw conclusions.

We want you to start your own business and make the most of it.


With respect !!!
USKUNALAR.UZ Company Administration.

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In general - all. However , in the practice of the trading company USKUNALAR.UZ , the delivery of goods by rail on the route China - Kazakhstan - Uzbekistan is widely used.
Carrying cargo in standard containers of 20 and 40 lbs, which are loaded on railway platforms, is the most convenient and recognizable. However, here, too, it has its difficulties (shortcomings). The size of the platform is designed to accommodate one 40 or two 20 Pound container. Therefore, if you are bringing one ‘twenty’, you will have to wait for the other to match it.
When each container is closed, they are stamped. The integrity of the seal is a guarantee that no one will touch your luggage on the way.

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USKUNALAR.UZ can import all types of cargo to the Republic of Uzbekistan, which are not prohibited for export under Chinese law and for import under Uzbek law. Freight is preferably shipped in a volume that can accommodate a rail container, truck, and other minimal transportation. If there is a small amount of cargo, they are consolidated (assembled) with the cargo of several buyers, which takes a lot of time.  

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"INCOTERMS" is an interpretation of the terms of trade in the International Regulations, developed by the International Chamber of Commerce. A number of INKOTERMS editorial offices are in operation, the last of which was published in 2009 and has been in use since January 1, 2010.

Trade terms, if their interpretation is discussed in "INCOTERMS", are related to the different types of the main terms of the contract of sale, the date of commencement of the seller's and buyer's obligations under the contract, the risk of accidental destruction of the product from seller to buyer and other issues are identified.

According to INKOTERMS-2010, the terms of the CIP of the Republic of Uzbekistan (paid before freight / transportation and insurance….), The seller (in this case, a Chinese manufacturer or seller) insures the cargo against partial danger or complete damage or loss on the road and transfers it to the transport agent. means that the transfer is to be sent to the Uzbek recipient. In this case, the shipment is paid to the address on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan specified in the contract (for example, CIP "Chukursoy" railway station, CIP Samarkand, etc.).

    Under the terms of EXW (Franco Factory), the manufacturer / trade company is not responsible for the transportation of the goods and the customs clearance for the export of the goods. Almost the price of the goods is on EXW terms, which means taking it out of the warehouse itself. So these are the necessary treatments  USKUNALAR.UZ is organized by the specialists of the trading company, and then the cargo is delivered to the consignee in Uzbekistan on the condition of CIP of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Increases and pre-customs duties are included in the price of the goods.
Unlike the EXW condition, the FCA (Franco carrier) condition is that the customs clearance for loading and exporting the goods is done at the expense of the manufacturer / trading company.

Often the FCA condition is confused with the FOB (Franco board) condition. Remember !!!, the term FOB can only be used when transporting goods by sea or inland waterway. The term ‘FCA condition’ is used when any other transport view is selected.           

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The payment scheme for the goods is related to the financial policy of the manufacturer / trading company. You will usually need to make a down payment of at least 30% to start production of your product. The uniqueness of the modern Chinese market is that a small share of manufacturers requires a final calculation before loading the finished product. Except when complex technological equipment is ordered, when engineers have to come to carry out its installation, commissioning and commissioning (operation). The following scheme is used for such orders: prepayment in the amount of not less than 30%, 70% before loading. 

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In case of mandatory certification of your goods, the customs authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan will not register the import contract without seeing the standard (GOST, OST).

We advise our clients to contact a specialized agency - the Agency "Uzstandard" (Republican Center for Testing and Certification).

Address: Tashkent city, Farobi street, 333 A, destination - Chorsu metro station. Tel .: 244-96-01.

Address in Khorezm:

Work schedule: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00.

In order to get an expert opinion, you need to place an order with the Center, indicating all the positions of the goods you want to buy in China. The conclusion is made on the basis of payment according to the tariffs of the Agency "Uzstandard".

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Comparing the offers of different foreign manufacturers on price and quality, one can come to one conclusion: Chinese equipment is the cheapest technique suitable for manufacturers, it can justify itself quickly enough.

To avoid possible complaints about the quality, we recommend our customers to cooperate only with the largest and inspected manufacturing plants in China. The most reliable way is to use the search service of the trading company USKUNALAR.UZ .
If you instruct our specialists to conduct an inspection (inspection) of the finished equipment in terms of quantity and quality at the factory, it will not be an extra step for you. With this, you will save yourself from all sorts of unpleasant "surprises" when you open the container in which your luggage is placed.

But the main guarantee for all your Chinese-made equipment and your business is the availability of a 1 - YEAR factory warranty. If any defects are found in the main parts and components, you can use the right of guaranteed service and request a free replacement of the defective part. The terms of the factory warranty and the procedure for filing a complaint  are specified in detail in the contract with the trading company           USKUNALAR.UZ .

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To conclude a model contract with USKUNALAR.UZ trading company for the import of goods from China to the Republic of Uzbekistan , you need to provide the following information to the specialists of the contracting department:
a) specify the exact name of the product (model, technical characteristics) and contact its manufacturer / trading company , fax, e - mail, contact person).
b) exact details of the buyer. For a legal entity - the name of the company, the name of the authorized person signing the contract, the details of the buyer and the consignee. For an individual entrepreneur - a copy of the passport, a copy of the patent.
c) type of payment for the goods.
g) Expert opinion of JSC "Uzbekekspertiza" on the code TN VED to which the goods correspond.
d) expert opinion of the Agency "Uzstandard" on the standard to which the goods correspond (if the goods are subject to mandatory certification).
In practice, three types of payment for goods are used:
a) direct transfer of money to the seller's account through a bank (in this case to a selected manufacturer or seller trading company in China);
b) After the issuance of a documentary letter of credit (85% or 100% of the total value of your order with 15% prepayment to the address specified in the contract) then IM70-IM74 regime within 5 days after the submission of the declaration of customs control, the money specified in the contract is transferred to a selected manufacturer or seller in China);
c) Bank guarantee? (Uzbek banks require a bank guarantee of the same amount from the Chinese bank in order to transfer 100% or 30%, 70% of the funds in advance to the account number of the exporting company specified in the contract);
g) Papactum condition? (full transfer of money after delivery to the customer's address specified in the contract);
At present, the above-mentioned 3 balloons of the banks of Uzbekistan have the same requirement in the terms of the contract for the import of goods and the transfer of funds through banking institutions. 

Important! Remember that any type of payment for the goods must be agreed with the bank that serves you. There you can get detailed information about other qualities of banking operations mentioned above.
If you want to formalize a loan from a bank or purchase through a leasing company, be sure to let us know. The financing organization has the right to request additional clauses in the contract (for example, Performane Bond, bank guarantee for the proper performance of the contract, Advance Payment Guarantee, pre-shipment inspection by specialized international companies, Swiss Societe Generale de Surveillance, etc. British Intertek International LTD, etc.). Preparing all these documents is a long and difficult process.

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It is very important to define the code TN VED (Commodity Foreign Economic Activity Nomenclature - TTIFN). It is a classifier of all goods allowed to be imported and exported to Uzbekistan in a single system based on international standards, a unique numeric code consisting of ten digits attached to each item of goods. For example, the processing milling center has the code 8465 91 100 0 TN VED for wood processing, 8457 10 100 8 for metal processing.

Important !!! The customs authorities of the Republic of Uzbekistan shall not register an import contract if the TN VED code is not specified for each item of goods.
The TN VED code is required when determining the import duty rate and calculating the value of customs duties on import clearance.
Also keep in mind that the customs legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan provides various benefits for the customs clearance of a number of commodity items (for example, imported technological equipment for personal use, etc.). In order to use the privilege, your product must comply with the TN VED code specified in the annex, which corresponds to the decision of the state bodies of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


How can I identify the TN VED code on my product?


The classifier of the nomenclature of foreign economic activity of the goods is not a seven-sealed secret, you can correctly identify the TN VED code that corresponds to your goods, if you are lucky and have a clear agility.
But we would recommend that our clients hand over the job to professionals.

OAO Uzbekekspertiza is a specialized body for issuing expert opinions on the TN VED code.



Address: Tashkent city, Parkent street, 51, destination - Shastri intersection. Phones: 238-53-67; 238-53-68. 
Address in Khorezm: Urgench, Anna German str. 
Work schedule: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00.
To get an expert opinion, you need to place an order with OJSC "Uzbekekspertiza" indicating all the positions of the goods you want to buy in China. The conclusion is made on the basis of payment according to the tariffs of JSC "Uzbekekspertiza".

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