Chocolate production line

The USGY-CM 70 multifunctional chocolate molding machine incorporates the advanced technology of a world-renowned manufacturing company; this machine uses a high-tech PLC control system and pneumatic parts as the main part. It produces a new generation of chocolate suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises of the food industry. Equipment for the food industry. The equipment is designed in accordance with international standards and can be autonomous or combine production lines for the production of various types of granulated chocolate and bars, such as pure chocolate, whipped cream, chocolate with crushed walnuts, two-color chocolate and much more.

Main characteristics:
1. The standard size of chocolate molds is 275x175 mm or according to the project, respectively, another dimension.
2. The amount of any amount of adjustable chocolate is 3-15 g or more, depending on the design of the mold
3. One 32-inch standard piston for direct injection, each implement a single technology, customizing any joints or holes can be enlarged.
4. Heating cycle separation system for automatic temperature control.
5. Construction tableware made of chocolate material.
6. An automatic removal device can be installed.


Engine power 4 KWt
Filling capacity 3-15 g/hole
Productive capacity ≤15 times/minute
Block weight 500 kg
Machine size 3500x600x1400 mm


Boiler furnace for melting butter
Technical specifications
Melting ability 1x100=100 kg
Melting time 30⁓60 min
Heating method Electric heating 2 KW
Melting temperature 40⁓65 Сo
Dimensions 1000x650x800 mm



Sugar crusher
 The machine is mainly used for secondary grinding of sugar
Productive capacity 60⁓80 kg/hur
Feed detail 0,5⁓2 mm
Medium grain 80-100 mash
Main shaft power 3 KW
Feed spindle speed 3800 p/min
Gross weight 320 kg
Dimensions 940x760x1520 mm


Shokoladni ezib berish uskunasi (Konsh)
This machine is one of the main tools used for fine grinding of chocolates, and is also suitable for fine grinding of soybean flour as well as everyday industrial chemicals to achieve a high degree of grit. The fine grinding time is about 14~20 hours, the average grain size can reach 20um. This machine has many advantages such as compact structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance, small one-time cost, etc. It is the key equipment for fine grinding of chocolate paste materials in the chocolate production line. And especially suitable for the technical requirement of small chocolate candy factory.
Technical specifications
Maximum capacity 100 litr
Grain size of fine grinding 20-25 µm
Fine grinding time 8-10 hour
Dimensions 1200x1150x1050 mm


Storage container for melted chocolate
Chocolate storage tank is essential chocolate production equipment, mainly used to keep warm after the chocolate syrup is properly crushed, satisfies the technological production of chocolate.
The product, in addition, has functions such as temperature reduction, temperature increase, heat preservation, can continue to keep the chocolate mass from stopping stirring, but also has degassing, air sweetening, dehydration, as well as preventing functions, etc.
Technical specifications
Maximum capacity 100 litr
Motor power 0.75 KW
Weight 800x650 mm (diameter)
Dimensions 150 kg


Equipment for pouring melted chocolate into molds (semi-automatic)
Maximum performance 100-250 kg/hour
Heating style Electric heating
Motor power 4 KW
Pouring ability 3-15 gr/hole
Productive capacity ≥15 times/min
Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 940x760x1520 mm


Cooling tunnel
The cooling tunnel machine is mainly used to cool chocolate molds with demoulding chocolate. The tunnel has 8 tracking layers to hold the shapes. The machine is equipped with a water cooling unit to ensure the required cooling temperature. An insulating wall is available for better cooling efficiency.
Electricity use of the whole machine 2.99 KW
Maximum cooling capacity 3000 kcal/h (with air cooler)
Means of ventilation closed circulation centrifugal fan cooling
The residence time of the chocolate product in channel wind 12 ~ 30 min
Temperature at the entrance to the tunnel 5 ~ 15 ° C
Tunnel outlet temperature 0 ~ 10 ° C
Capacity 80 molds/hour
Equipment weight 1500 kg
External size 2500x850x1700 mm

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