Production of organic fertilizers

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1. Semi-wet material crusher.
2. Belt conveyor 4 m long.
3. Disc granulator.
4. Belt conveyor with a length of 7 m.
5. Hot plate.
6. Dryer.
7. Belt conveyor 7 m long.
8. Sifter with oscillating cylinder.
9. Belt conveyor 10 m long.
10. Packing machine.
11. Cyclone dust collector.
12. Air fan.
13. Dust chamber.

Movable type compost turner
Model US-XXF-2000
Power 30 h.p.
Turning width 2 m
Turning depth 0.6-0.8 m
Dimensions 3.3x2.4x2 m
Distance between rows 0.5-0.8 m
Maximum speed 2200 pieces/min
Working speed 7.58 m/min
Maximum productivity 380 m3/hour
Function used for fermentation material


Semi Wet Material Crusher
Model US-XSF-40
Entry size 400x240 mm
Grit crushing 50 m
Dimensions 1.2x1.35x0.9 m
Function Crushing large material


Disc granulator
Model US-XYZ-1500
Performance 0,5-0,8 tons/hour
Disc diameter 1500 mm
Moisture while feeding around 30% 
Feed material size 50 mesh
Dimensions 1,76x1,5x1,95 m
Function wet granulation


Hot stove
The size is too large, need to be built on site by the customer, we will provide the drawing
Function providing a heat source for the dryer


Rotary dryer
Model US-XHG-0808
Speed 6 pieces/min
Speed 0,8 m
Length 8 m
Case thickness 8 mm
Mounting angle 3-5 °
Inlet temperature ≥300 ℃
Material boiler steel Q235B
Function fertilizer drying


Sifter with oscillating cylinder
Model US-XGS-1030
Speed 21 pieces/min
Dimensions 1x3 m
Function used for screening various hard materials
Grid size can be customized


Packaging scales
Model US-XKB-01
Weight range 20-50 kg/bag
Packing speed 4 bag/min
Permissible error ± 0,2%
Including belt conveyor, bag sewing machine, electric control box and air compressor


Cyclone dust collector
Model US-XSKL-900
Size φ900
Function collection of dust caused by the fan in cooling process


Air fan
Model US-5C
Air volume 5360-9871 m3/s
Air pressure 1549-2265 Pa
Speed 2900 pieces/min
Function Exhaust gases to the outside


Dust chamber dust-chamber
The size is too large, need to be built on site by the customer, we will provide the drawing
Function exhaust gases to the outside
Connecting pipes


Belt conveyor belt-conveyor
Power 13 KW
Width 500 mm
Length 28 meter (4 sets)
Function Material transport, connection of the entire production line


Control Panel
Model US-C-01
Electrical components CHNT
Function on/off control of the entire line


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